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Double sided patterned paper scrap, basic grey kissing booth : 28×21,6 cm. Cut the advertising edge off.
Cardstock green and rose for label: 6x11cm and 5x9cm.
Leftover cardstock for circles, dies, butterfly, cutting paper: Marianne design. VK 9534
Two circle punches in different sizes, Crop a dile pliers
Glue, double-sided tape,
pencil, ruler.
Stamp with appropriate text, and corner V 693, V763
Waterproof stamp pad black and red, corresponding acrylic block

1. labelkaart3

Always place the long side for you, with the most beautiful side in front. Fold the paper in half along the long side. Unwrapping. And double again in another way.
Unfold the paper, place the long side for you, and cut the paper to the horizontal crease on the fold line from the left to the middle.
Fold the bottom right-hand corner, so that the lower side touches the medial fold line.
Fold the left corner down. But let 3.8 cm between the angle and the medial fold line.
Fold the top left to right.
Bottom left behind the folded corner.
Fold the bottom corner on the already folded corner.
Stick the card now oplekaar. Watch out!!!! Not in the diagonal lines.
Decorate to your taste.

Cut 2 x tag, label of plain cardstock. 6x11cm and 5x9cm.
Major label: Photo: 5x7cm.
Cardstock pink behind the photo: 5.5 cm x 7.5 cm
Small Tag: stamping appropriate text, mats piece of yellow 0.5 cm greater.
Two large circles and two smaller circles punching. for reinforcement of the hole. Paste onto each other, light hole in the middle with the Crop Dile.
Remove string or ribbon through the hole. About 20 cm. Fold and front to overtake.
Labels also decorate as desired. It is nice to be using your own pictures.

Front label card is decorated with punched butterfly and sequins.


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