A christmas card with fairy

| November 21, 2017

Hello everyone! Have you finished all your christmas cards yet? I am far from that right now – and so I made a christmas card to share with you today. Since I send christmas cards to friends all over the world and some have a long way to go I had planned to make a […]

Oh Tannenbaum

| November 21, 2017

Hello everyone! I think everyone knows the german christmas song – and while making the card I want to share with you first today I had it in mind all the time. Guess why… …because I used the Small Tree with Stars on my card! This is such a beautiful stamp. I used some craft […]

Stars in Repeat

| November 14, 2017

Stars in Repeat Again a card with my favorite stamp. I’m totally in a mood of votes this year. For this technique, you need a stamping buddy / tool. Or put a sheet of boxes / boxes of paper into the buddy / misty if there is no flat distribution on the backside Vilda stamps: […]

Little man with Lampion

| November 14, 2017

Stars Lampion An existing stamp has changed. I made this nice card. Vildastempel V714 stamping, stitching with pin, cutting and gifting cut away. Vildestamp Text: V804 Nellie Snellen circle dies MFD 100. Base card 15 x 10.5cm. fold line above. Double circle line white with inside section 7 cm and outside 9 cm. Layout card […]


| November 2, 2017

Jultags Jag tycker att tags är så användbart. Man kan ha dem på paket, i en blombukett eller blomgrupp eller på en vinflaska. Det finns många sätt att göra en tags på. Här visar jag några olika typer.                         Stämplar jag använt är Julstrumpor […]

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