Stars in Repeat

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Stars in Repeat

Again a card with my favorite stamp. I’m totally in a mood of votes this year.

For this technique, you need a stamping buddy / tool. Or put a sheet of boxes / boxes of paper into the buddy / misty if there is no flat distribution on the backside

Vilda stamps: V850, V718, V830

Memento ink: Sweet plum, Bamboo Leaves, Teal Zeal, Toffee crunch

Versa Mark clear incl. Embossing powder silver incl. Associated hair dryer

Versafine waterproof black

Sequins, glitters

Masking pad or blank stitch or post-it completely glueed.

Pencil Rubber


Double card 10 x 15 basis.

Stamp paper, white 13.8 x 9.5 cm, star stamp again and silver embossing powder. Cut them out with a small white border

Stamp 5x star on masking path, cut out.

Draw a line of the center of the card. Put small pencil line. Place the stamp in the middle. Let it sit and move the card 2 cm up and down. Each time you put your mask star on top of the stamped print. Continue until your card is full. Make the stamp clean after each color.

Give the base card around an edge with the same silver as the middle star. Paste the stamped card. Text at the bottom. Stack the star in 3 D. Decorate with sequins of your choice.

The attached card is stamp V718 tree. Also goes the same way. But I had a mistake with text stamping. A thick black border around. But resolved to pull the black line.

The best works are thick full stamps. Have fun making this christmas card

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  1. Nancy says:

    What a cool idea! I like the colours you used too! Great stamps! 🙂

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