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My family, friends and acquaintances say Kai. I also sign my homemade cards with Kai.

I’m Married to Peter, and I have two sons that are no longer living at home. Joey and Kenny. I am proud of my two beautiful granddaughters and Ms jeji called. They are dear and rascals.
Everything is true what they say that you enjoy your grandchildren more than your own children.

I really love hobby. In whatever field. Everything is a challenge. That’s why I started in hobby materials. Their own business in 1998 Pipoos Heerlen. But unfortunately due to circumstances is it closed in 2010. I hade fun running this shop.

For 11 years now I’m working at Pipoos Maastricht and South High School.
My main hobby and passion is Pergamano, as early as 1991.
Here I am regional coordinator and recognized teacher. Often you will find me on the major stock exchanges in the state of Pergamano International. I Demonstrate here, I manage sales and the shopping area.
Because Pergamano is my passion, I sometimes make cards which are published in magazines and on the Internet page of Pergamano.
But because I work in a hobby shop, I often get new paper and new materials under my nose. Lovely to work here and especially stamping and scrapbooking or edit punching and stamping machines.
Ohh, my day is too short to prepare everything as I have ideas.

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