Tracy Wray

Tracy´s blog

Hi!   My name is Tracy Wray.
I live with my husband and 9 cats, yes 9 cats!
(We also feed a 10th stray who lives in the garden.)
I live in a small village just outside Staffordshire in the UK.
As many people know I was born with Spina Bifida and after 5 major back operations, I am paralyzed from the waist down.? I was very lucky to find a wonderful hobby –“paper crafting”.   Anyone can do it no matter what skill level they have and anyone in the family can join in the fun– even the cats! Crafting and the internet have introduced me to dozens of people from all around the globe. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are or where you are, we can all come together and enjoy making wonderful craft projects, cards and memories along the way.
So come, join the fun and share in some of our craft projects. Make some fabulous friends and fun memories.

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