Butterfly in Cirkel

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vlinder in cirkel 4

Base card white card stock: 21 x 14,8 cm or 10,5 x 29,6 cm
Above fold or left.
Three circles cut out. Red 10 cm diameter, 8 cm orange. in diameter and 6 cm in diameter white. The same piece of white to make 3 D butterfly.
Vilda Stamp: 540 V swirl, large butterfly V 171, V 763 Text You make me happy.
Red and black ink pad.
Red colored fineliner
3 d scissors,
Glue, foampjes,
Piece of red / white cord
glitter Rhinestones
Punched red heart

Do not label with red and the swirl around the front of the card. Let the lower left a place free for places with black text.

vlinder in cirkel 1 vlinder in cirkel 2 vlinder in cirkel 3vlinder in cirkel 6
On the blank paper 2 times a butterfly stamp. The loose butterfly with a 3 D scissors cut out and leave small white butterfly with edge along the cut.
Glue the circles opel card. Cut out the circles on the right straight off. See the example.
Turn three times around the map the red / white cord. Connect with a bow.
Glue the circles on the card with foam. So raising.
Only after the body of the butterfly glue, so the wings upwards.
Decorate the card with here and there a glitter stone. Along the swirl dots with a red-colored signs fineliner
vlinder in cirkel 5
Is this card in many colors make. But even with different images. The card will get a whole different look.

Have fun making this cheerful piece.

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  1. So lovely cards you have made!
    Hugs dt-Eva

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