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Hi there!

Here´s my second post for today, It´s a card where I want to show you a way to use an “all-year-around-stamp” and make it look like it was made for christmas. Before I stamped my little girl, I masked off a part of her head. And the way you mask it off is that you place a piece of tape directly on your stamp where you dont want the image to show, then apply your ink, pull the tape off and you´re ready to stamp. And I then used a permanent marker to draw a Santa´s hat where the masking was done. I also drew a lace border on her collar and stripes on her arms ant legs, to make striped sleeves and leggings. So how could you use this on a card?
Scroll down to take a look…

So here´s the card I made with the altered image. I made a see-through front, using acetate.
And because I wanted to be able to see the inside to make it more interesting but also hide it a bit so it would be more of a surprise when you open it up, I used a permanent marker and drew a lot of christmas gifts to be placed around my little girl.


And when you open it up you can see the room she were standing in, but since there is both a front and back stamp of the girl you can also look out from the inside of the card and she looks like you were standing behind her. The only thing i modified among the other stamps is that i put/drew  some cookies in the glass jar.


Stamps I´ve used for this card

I hope you enjoyed this post and please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Thank you for checking in!

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  1. Sari says:

    This is a very clever way to make the stamps go all year round :-)! Thanx 4 the tip :-)…

  2. Anna says:

    Vilket roligt kort och flickan är helt bedårande som tomtenissa. Önskar jag hade talang att måla så där fint. 😀

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