For BoY

Inlägget postat av: on July 8, 2011

Used stamps: V619

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5 Responses to “For BoY”

  1. Ulrica Nykkel says:

    So Cool 😎 Like what you have done with “different” layers….just lika a childrens picture book!
    Such a great thing for a boy!

    Hugs Vildas Ulrica

  2. Vildas Puck says:

    💡 Vilken ljus ide att göra en nyckelring 😀
    Underbar och så fräck med glasögonbarnet på 😀
    Vildas Puck

  3. stephi says:

    Really nice idea!

  4. lean says:

    lovely card great for a boy!

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