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Hello everyone!

It’s Kathrin here today. I know, it’s not my assigned day, but I got those beautiful new stamps in the mail and had to use them right away. And well, I thought sharing a christmas card AFTER christmas wouldn’t be much fun. So I took over today to share this with you:

DSC_0100This is  a fireplace scene – and someone just came around to hang up the stockings…


I used those great stockings from the Christmas Socks with Details V830 here. Love how long they are – enough room for Santa to fit in some great gifts! And right in front of the chimney someone placed his shoes and hat – maybe to let them dry in front of the fire after a snowfight outside…

The “christmasballs” in the garland are made using red sequins.

DSC_0102The stand of the card got some decorations too: the christmas wishes – okay, half of them – from the same stamp set as mentioned above. Love how they are made from different languages! And theres also one of the Small Christmasballs attached to the big red bow.

But what’s a fire place without a fire? So, here we go:


There’s room on the stand to place an electric tealight. And if it’s really dark outside the lit up scene looks like this:


Sorry for the not so crisp picture – not so easy to get a good shot from!

Hope you liked this card – and that I will see you back here soon!

Hugs, Kathrin

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