a vintage camera card

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Hello again!

As said before, I am back to share another creation with you. And this time I was inspired by the vacations season that is coming closer. Well, I love photos – if they don’t show me LOL – but I honestly never think of taking them. Luckily there’s my husband who thought of it  – and now my girls are taking pictures of everything, like every normal teenager does, I guess. So, photos and vacations go together in my mind. And so when I thought of vacations I thought of photos – and so I got the idea for this card:


The card is pretty vintage – but with the camera I just had to do it this way…


I stamped the camera and film from the Camera Kit V798 and colored both, then cut them out individually and put them next to each other, overlapping slightly. Sometimes I miss those days when you had to get a film developed, waiting for it to be done and then getting surprised by the finished pictures… My girls wouldn’t even know what to use this film for. LOL On the other hand I remember how many bad pictures were taken those days and then I am happy for digital fotography.

Okay, back to my card!


The saying comes with the kit. And there’s also this piece of film strip. I simply stamped it three times, “stacking” it up. Then I cut it out as a strip. To not make it look to plain and for some more vintage I used the cracked background stamp from the Scrap and Mixedmedia Kit 2 V742 to the filmstrip, stamped with light brown ink.


On the piece of cardstock behind the saying I used the splash stamp, that also comes in the Scrap and Mixedmedia Kit 2, and used the beautiful Letter Context V260 stamp on this piece of cardstock as well. The fine handwriting on this stamp is just perfect for every vintage project.

I added a few flowers, some cheesecloth and a doily and also some lace and two die cut filmstrips to finish this card off.

So, that’s it for today. See you all next month! Till then, have a happy and creative time!



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  1. Sari says:

    Wow… what a beautiful camera card… I love cameras :)…

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