Christmas tree trio

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Working method and supplies

Stamp Vilda V718
Memento drops stamp ink 3 colors
Bamboo Leaves, cottage ivy, rich cocoa
Paper tape, string
Punch star
Double card 10.5×14.8 cm.
Top layer dark green 10×14.3 cm
Stamp paper 9.5×13.8 cm.
Paper dark green, sand color, glitter red.
Dies hobby Solution HSDJ015 Christmas tree
2x Masking paper. On which Christmas tree is stamped and cut out.
Glitter spray. Glue spray

Beink the stamp with 3 colors of ink. Place tree 1 on stamp paper. Stick masking paper on it. Same with tree 2 and 3.
Cut a Christmas tree from green paper. Place the dies on the sand paper. Draw outline with pencil and cut out. Apply glue spray on the back of the green tree. Stick together. Edit front with glitter spray.
Edge of paper tape along the bottom. Tie string. Punch star and assemble card according to example.

To all my Vilda Stamps people:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2018

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Snow snow

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Work description

Stamp Vilda V219
Blank double card 10.5 x 14.8 cm.
Black support: 10 x 14.3 cm.
White stamp paper for stamp printing
Various colored paper: White paper for cut out circle dies and 
star glitter red, gold.
Versafine black for stamp printing, Colorize at your own choice. 
I used alcohol markers.
Glue and 3 D kit
Punch little star
The following materials are from Nellie Snellen:

Structure pasta
Mixed Media template NMMS 019 snow
Dies: MFD 075 Stars Circle, MCD001 snowflake, MFD 061 straight stars

Apply dottes with structure paste on the black paper.
Stamp and color the print,  cut out all around.
Glue everything on the card as shown in the example 
and cover the image here and there with structure paste.
Stick between layers with 3 D kit
Have fun with this cheerful card.

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En typisk svensk julljusstake med ett vackert ljus.

Ett barndomsminne för mig. Det går ju åt en del ljus i juletider.

Jag har embossat och silverfärgat mönsterpappret.

Stämplat ljuset å målat stämplat lite text och stjärnor runt och stansat ut med en enkel die.

Scrappa lugnt!

Så får jag önska er alla en

God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År!

Kram KerstinP




Ljus v 359

Text v 272

svag text runt ljuset v 851

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Renen Rudolf

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Detta inlägg är i milda toner med renen Rudolf och tomten. Medvetet val av färger för att fokus ska bli på motivet.

Kram KerstinP





Ren v 368

Tomte v 401



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Hej scrapvänner.

Dagens första alster är en lykta.

Jag har använt Die från Crealis. De har set med olika stora tags. Till fönstret har jag använt vellumpapper. Inuti finns en gran och stjärna och värmeljus med batteri. De små nissarna passade så bra som dekoration på ut sidan.

Kram KerstinP









smånissar v714

stjärna v850

gran v549

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A christmas card with fairy

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Hello everyone!

Have you finished all your christmas cards yet? I am far from that right now – and so I made a christmas card to share with you today.

Since I send christmas cards to friends all over the world and some have a long way to go I had planned to make a more CAS card without any decorations that could get squished on the way. Well, that plan didn’t turn out for this card… 😉

The white frame on top of the card is added with dimensional tape. I just liked that better with the scene having so much white as well.

The saying is from the German Christmas Lyrics stamp set. Since I didn’t have much room – in height – for a saying I only stamped the saying and didn’t use the frame and the trees. Then I’ve cut it out in a banner shape, glued it onto the frame using dimensional tape and added a star cut from silver glitter cardstock underneath the banner.

This is the decoration I felt like the card needed – and that destroyed my plan of making a CAS card. This pine branch is made from a strip of green cardstock that I’ve cut slits into and then twisted it to create the 3D branch. I covered it with white structure paste for snow and let an ornament hang down from it, The ornament was cut from silver glitter cardstock again and I added a matching string.

And this is the scene I created for my card.

I hand cut a sheet of copy paper into a wavy shape to use as a stencil and then used blue Distress Ink to create the sky and the snowy hills.

The trees are made using the stamp from the Fantasy 3 stamp set and dark green ink. I used my stencil again to cover the bottom parts of my card while stamping the trees. That made me able to only stamp the upper part of the tree and giving them different heights.

The cute fairy is from the Fantasy 1 stamp set. I’ve replaced the stars she is originally holding with a small snowflake. The wings were re-drawn with a white gelly marker and then I’ve covered them with Stickles. The glue reacted with the green ink and stained the white. But I think it only adds to the transparent look I wanted for the wings. But that made me try adding structure paste to the green ink on some paper scraps – and the paste got stained as well. So I decided to not add snow to the trees – because no one likes green snow!

The stars on the sky were made with a white gelly marker again – and strangely the blue didn’t stain the white.

Hope you like my dreamy christmas card!

Have a happy day, Kathrin

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Oh Tannenbaum

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Hello everyone!

I think everyone knows the german christmas song – and while making the card I want to share with you first today I had it in mind all the time. Guess why…

…because I used the Small Tree with Stars on my card! This is such a beautiful stamp.

I used some craft colored cardstock as the base of my card and used some structure paste to add the white to the edges.

Here’s a close up of the tree. I used three different shades of green to add more depth to it. I used the lightest green to fully stamp the image once and then dabbed the darker tones onto the stamp. The outcome is a bit of a surprise everytime here, but I like that.

With me using quite some ink here the stars weren’t that clear anymore. So I added dots of golden Stickles all over my tree as lights.

To one of the top corners I’ve added two Small Christmas Balls. One is colored in golden, one green. I’ve put some golden string under them and used the same string to tie a bow to go on top of the ball. The upper ends of the string were wrapped around the edge of my cardstock and then glued to its back.

For the saying I went with the smaller one of the Merry Christmas x2 stamps. It’s stamped with green ink and I replaced the i-dot with an golden rhinestone.

Hope to see you all back again later today,

Hugs, Kathrin

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Stars in Repeat

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Stars in Repeat

Again a card with my favorite stamp. I’m totally in a mood of votes this year.

For this technique, you need a stamping buddy / tool. Or put a sheet of boxes / boxes of paper into the buddy / misty if there is no flat distribution on the backside

Vilda stamps: V850, V718, V830

Memento ink: Sweet plum, Bamboo Leaves, Teal Zeal, Toffee crunch

Versa Mark clear incl. Embossing powder silver incl. Associated hair dryer

Versafine waterproof black

Sequins, glitters

Masking pad or blank stitch or post-it completely glueed.

Pencil Rubber


Double card 10 x 15 basis.

Stamp paper, white 13.8 x 9.5 cm, star stamp again and silver embossing powder. Cut them out with a small white border

Stamp 5x star on masking path, cut out.

Draw a line of the center of the card. Put small pencil line. Place the stamp in the middle. Let it sit and move the card 2 cm up and down. Each time you put your mask star on top of the stamped print. Continue until your card is full. Make the stamp clean after each color.

Give the base card around an edge with the same silver as the middle star. Paste the stamped card. Text at the bottom. Stack the star in 3 D. Decorate with sequins of your choice.

The attached card is stamp V718 tree. Also goes the same way. But I had a mistake with text stamping. A thick black border around. But resolved to pull the black line.

The best works are thick full stamps. Have fun making this christmas card

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