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Hösten är här och vi har även sett årets första snöflingor här uppe! Idag visar jag två kort med det söta trädet!

Använda stämplar

V16 Blomsterträd

V734 Textkit 2013

Mitt första kort får bli ett “vinterträd” i blått och vitt!


Det andra fick bli ett “höstträd”


Senare idag visar jag två enkla och snabba julkort!

Tack för att du tittade in!/Birgit



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Granen står så gröööööön…

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och graaaaann i stuuuuugan…nä, jag ska bespara er min så kallade skönsång och gå på kortet istället.


Jag har stansat ut granen och tagit till vara på papperet, monterat på grönt papper och sedan stämplat texten som kommer från Svenska jultexter,V750.


Chruss, jular vidare :-D







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Dutch folded card

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Det är också en kortvikning som är ‘still going strong’. Googla på det och du får upp hur många härliga varianter som helst!

Här är iallfall mitt:


Öppnar man upp fliken så ser man det här:


Närbild av det stämplade:


Här har jag stämplat Grattis från Inchkitet med svenska texter, V723. Passar perfekt med sin form som påminner om en luftbubbla. Halvpärlor förstärker också intrycket av luftbubblorna!

Chruss, bubblar vidare :-D

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Tiden bara flyger iväg

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Den flygande klockan kommer från kitet Steampunk, V695 och jag har embossat med vitt embossingpulver(detail). Texten, Time flies är en separat text, V474.


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Dancing in the rain

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Hello everyone!

This is my last post for today and I thought I´d share this little card. It´s only 10×10 cm, but I think that only adds extra cuteness, because small things equal CUTE! (wouldn´t you agree :)?)
The cute little manga girl (V232)  is from one of the Sugarbat kits and even though it´s raining she´s happy anyway! She is colored with Tattered Rose, Peacock Feathers and Picked Raspberry distress inks. As you probably know by now, I love using masking techniques, so of course I made a mask out of a post-it note and masked her off. I then masked off the edges of the card and used a blending tool and Black Soot distress ink to make the background. I took of the maskes and stamped my seniment (V723), and used a ruler to draw some lines around the card, I went back around the lines once again with the marker but without the ruler to make the lines look more organic. To finish it of I used a white gel pen to make the rain drops and the polka dots on her umbrella, coat and boots, and added a little shimmer to her hair and the raindrops.


Thanks for your visit. Don´t forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think!


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Take-away mug container

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Hello everyone!

In this post, I would like to show you a cute little container I made (believe it or not) out of a large corrugated take-away coffee mug. I got this idea from Jennifer Mcguire who did this folding technique, but with a small plastic cups. And I thought, why not try this? So I got this large-black-take-away-coffee-paper-cup and covered the whole thing in gesso, cut slits about half way down the cup and about 1.5 cm apart. I then punched holes in each flap to make room for the string to fit through, so I could pull the top closed. To decorate I punched out a strip of “lace” and adhered where the slits ends. I then made my tag. I punched out the tag three times in cardstock and adhered them back-to-back to make it a chipboard-like thickness and colored the edges black with a marker. I stamped the image and the words I wanted cut them out and colored the edges black. The words are from different stamp sets. “Höst” and “Favorit” are from the kit V743 and “En” and “Underbar” are from the kit V674 and the mushrooms are from V153.



I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.


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A card for cancer awareness

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Hi there!

Since October is the official month for breast cancer awareness, I decided to make a card related to that. A while ago, I came upon a website, regarding cancer among youths and that inspired me to make a card that could be for a cancer victim. And since it´s October, I felt like breast cancer would be suitable.

To make my card I stamped the shoe image V672 and the sentiment from the kit V804,  which is actually a Christmas kit, but masked off the “at Christmas”-part on the sentiment, it actually works all year round. I then drew a pink ribbon on the shoes and added some white polka dots using a white gel pen and then put my card together.


Thank you so much for checking in, don´t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think.
My condoleances to everyone affected by any type of cancer, directly or indirectly. My heart goes out to you!


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Today I want to show you a card I made for Oktoberfest. I know it´s a bit late, but I thought I´d show it to you anyway. Two of the stamps I used, I modified slightly, but don´t worry I´ll explain. The partygirl I modified by putting masking tape directly on the stamp, covering her left hand, the pile of gifts and the ribbon by her arm, I then applied ink to my stamp, removed the masking tape and stamped my image. That way, when I stamped it, the masked parts didn´t show. Next I stamped the beer glass, using the same technique as before to mask off the arm holding it. To get the correct placement, I used a stamp positioner to get the beer glass in place. Now it was time for free-hand drawing to fill in the gaps. I filled in her arm and hand, and then decided to change her top to my own version of a dirndl dress, based on pictures I found on google. I drew a corset and added some lace to her cleavage, gave her a table to rest her elbow on and to finish it off, gave her puffy arms on her dress. When I did the puffy arms on her dress, I drew lines a bit wider than the shoulder line and covered up the original stamped line with a white gel pen. I stamped my sentiment, put my card together and finished it off by stamping a few hearts and making an edelweiss-isch flower. The stamps I used are V806 and V746.

Below you can see how the stamps lookt originally.


Thanks for your visit!
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